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Do you want to better Understand your Chemistry course? Try Chemistry Tutoring.

Tutoring provides the basis for attaining your academic goals. Whether your goals are to ace your course to enter a healthcare program or to pass your science requirement, tutoring can get you there.


Master an Elevation, Conquer the Heights”℠

Knoll Hill Mountain, LLC - Chemistry Tutoring will help you on that climb.

Chemistry tutoring help is available for specifically: Organic Chem, Healthcare Chem and Intro to Chem courses, but also other Chemistry courses.

Available anywhere with Internet. Has text chat, file share and Skype Bridge™ audio chat.

Can be available every day of the week. Prefer Sunday's off.

A variety of discounts are offered.

Only a few sessions may be all that is needed to bring you to the level you are looking for.

24-hour turnaround or less to receive tutoring.

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Our Mission Statement:

With the Knoll Hill Mountain, LLC - Chemistry Tutoring you will gain skills to better understand your Chemistry course and become independent from needing tutoring.


Here’s how to start tutoring:

• Get your website credentials at the Login|Contact Us page. They will be sent to your email address.

• Check out our Discounts on our Details page.

• Go to our Tutoring Store page when logged in., Choose the preferred time of tutoring and the subject in the options. The Details menu tab shows a preview of the options available.

• Once you have made your purchase use Messenger or Email on the Login|Contact Us page to firm up your appointment time.

• Upload your problem as an image, DOCX or PDF either before your session or at the beginning of your session for discussion with your tutor.

• Meet with your tutor online to understand your Chemistry better.


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