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My goal in tutoring is to achieve your learning independence from being tutored.

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Get Chemistry Tutoring help with Us.

Organic Chemistry, General/Organic/Biochemistry, Healthcare Chemistry, AP Chemistry, or any Sciences.

Available anywhere with Internet.
Has Skype Bridge™ Audio/Video Chat and Website File Share, Text or Video Chat.


To discuss details on Tutoring prior to purchase of sessions please use the form below with the "I'd like Tutoring" pulldown and reach us by Email.

Tutoring hours are Michigan time, EST.

When you purchase sessions, you will receive login credentials to access Private Messaging, Homework Uploads and all Text/Audio/Video Chat via Skype Bridge™ or similar website integral services.

Tagline clarification: The upward academic spiral begins with learning beginning courses, to repeat the same material in depth later in your education. Better understand your course now to better reach your future goals.